Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems provide power to your entire computer network in the event of a power shortage or outage so computers and other sensitive equipment can be turned off properly.  UPS system batteries keep systems running and help prevent data loss in the event of an unexpected shutdown.  We offer UPS solutions from single-phase to three-phase.

Secure Communication, Inc. acts as a focal point for multiple manufacturers as it relates to infrastructure product solutions.

Products we offer:

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Smart-UPS™ are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the world to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions by supplying reliable, network-grade power reliably and efficiently. Available in a variety of forms factors and classes (entry level, standard and extended run), there is a model for nearly every application and budget.


Basic:  Basic PDU’s cover a wide variety of electrical options ranging from 10A to 120A in IEC, NEMA and mixed configurations.

Metered: Improve reliability, energy efficiency and prevent crippling downtime caused by overloads using metered PDU’s.  Equipped with local digital displays, metered PDU’s provide power consumption metrics instantly, ideal for when deploying or moving critical server equipment.

Monitored:  PDU’s that provide a comprehensive view of power usage in a data center, both at the rack and via remote access.  By monitoring critical variables, data center managers can evaluate usage trends and ensure maximum uptime.

Switched:  Monitored and switched PDU’s offer real-time consumption along with the ability to remotely turn on or turn off or reboot power at each outlet.

Power Distribution Units

APC 144kVA Modular Power Distribution Unit, Isolation Transformer, 480:208V, 72 Poles, 2 Subfeed.

A fully scalable power distribution system that cost-effectively provides high levels of availability and enables the quick addition of circuits and cord-sets.

APC 144kVA Modular Power Distribution Unit, Isolation Transformer, 480:208V, 72 Poles, 2 Subfeed Front Left

Automatic Transfer Switches

Low-voltage automatic transfer switch assemblies provide a reliable means of transferring essential load connections between primary and alternate sources of electrical power. Data centers, hospitals, factories and a wide range of other facility types that require continuous or near-continuous uptime typically utilize an emergency (alternate) power source such as a generator or a backup utility feed when their normal (primary) power source becomes unavailable.

In-Row Cooling

Row-based data center cooling is normally regarded as a “cold air supply” architecture that uses row-based coolers. However, row-based cooling is actually a “hot air capture” architecture that neutralizes hot air from IT equipment before it has a chance to mix with the surrounding air in the room. Let us explain how row-based cooling removes hot air, and describe key design attributes that maximize the effectiveness of this approach for your environment.



Feature-rich rack enclosure optimized for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution and maximizing airflow.

The NetShelter SX is a multi-functional rack enclosure influenced by customer feedback from around the world. These enclosures are designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcasting and audio-video. With a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the NetShelter SX rack enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.

Variable Transformers

For voltage control application in industrial and lab environments.  Provides variable output voltage that can be adjusted from 0 to 117% of the units input V.  We include single phase as well as three-phase. Variable Transformers control voltage, current, power, heat, speed, light and mechanical frequency.

Controller units can allow unit to be remote, provide battery backup and auto shutdown.

Ergonomic Arms

Our award winning monitor mounts and sit-stand workstations provide the best in flexibility, space savings and ergonomic benefit.

Voltage Regulators

Microprocessor controlled regulation with the addition of noise attenuation and SPD filters.  Voltage Regulators can actually also have batteries.  They maintain constant Voltage output +/-1% regardless of input.  Voltage regulation is 90% of power issues.  Safe installation. Front accessible and enclosed.  Need to control Voltage to properly operate machinery.
Regulators are concerned with 3 major items:  (please bullet the 3 items below)

• Input range V/Output range V
• Response time and speed of correction
• Isolation, noise, surge protection


We have maintained the finest reputation for providing leading edge and innovative commercial CCTV system solutions. We utilize a combination of well established brands and cutting edge technology. Your smart choice for securing your business or building applications and customer service. Our experts will guide you through key types of of CCTV systems prior to your investment and installation plan.

Access Control Systems

Whether your access control requirements are basic or large scale, we have your solution. From traditional to boutique turnstiles, We provide the equipment for complete control. We also provide turnstiles with electronic access systems integration, based on your property requirements and specifications.

• Access Control Systems
• Biometric Readers
• Card Keys
• Key Fobs
• Mag Locks
• Turnstiles